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Official Party Program 2022


“We are an “idea” and a primal force in the current situation. The question came up one cold winter morning; CAN’T WE DECIDE OURSELVES instead of 349 ignorant party book followers sitting and pressing their buttons in the Riksdag? Isn’t this something we can deal with ourselves, a bit like in Switzerland. They have implanted this in their system. We thought we should show the politicians that we hardly disagree on anything, because you can see this in the polls we do daily. What is happening now in the Riksdag, it is that people are baked into different compartments and polarize us to such a mild degree that people lose their minds and logic and the division becomes total. We want to focus ONLY on substantive issues and nothing but substantive issues and we want to counteract the polarization in society. We must take command of our own lives now, this sandbox in Rosenbad, it must end!

KNAPPTRYCKARNA IS SHOWING THE WAY!” // Ulf Bejerstrand, founder

Program explanation

-The basic concept of Knapptryckarna includes a single issue, which is direct democracy. We want to introduce people’s rule in Sweden and depart from the representative democracy that led us to where we are now. It is time for a change – a system shift. We want to change Sweden in its fundamentals and give power to the people around the country, genuine popular rule is our only issue. Once in the Riksdag, we want to present the people’s voice in the major issues that the Riksdag votes on. We will not be there to debate, we will only represent the will of the people. The representatives of Knapptryckarna will never present their own opinion – on the other hand, we can conceivably present arguments directly quoted from the free people as to why the people have voted as they did on the respective issue. This is our concept which provides the pillars and foundation of the movement.


The subgoals of Knapptryckarna are

To be elected to the Riksdag by winning the people’s trust through successful marketing and energetic election work. To report the people’s vote in the Riksdag on the substantive issues that the Riksdag has votes in, not to express personal opinions and follow the people’s vote 100%

Final template

Our ultimate goal is our own majority in the Riksdag and then introduce the possibility for the people to raise issues for a referendum and thereby shape Sweden without external influence. To reform the Riksdag and phase out the representative democracy that we know today to be replaced by people’s rule.

Founded by Ulf Bejerstrand in 2021.

Update log

2022-01-01 written by Bo Jonsson
2022-01-03 processed by Bo Jonsson & Henrietta Hellström
2022-02-14 processed by the party board

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