Your vote will be decisive for your future!

If there are no ballots for the Knapptryckarna in the polling station, you can instead write the party name on a blank ballot, because then it counts as a vote for us and for you!

Should 349 politicians decide your future?

For far too long, the people have been run over by the representative democracy where 349 members of parliament are said to represent the people. The result rarely turns out to agree with what was promised during the election campaign. The risk is great that as a politician you will be tempted to use your position to fill your own wallet and at the same time ignore your mission as an elected official.

Det rådande systemet är förlegat och vi vill ha en förändring!

The Knapptryckarna want to:

  • The people must vote on the same issues that the Riksdag has votes on – to then report the people’s vote according to the will of the people.
  • As soon as it is feasible, the people must be allowed to submit their own proposals on issues they consider worthy of a vote.
  • Before each vote, there must be an open debate on the issue where both sides can speak and state their case. This is important because we want to ensure that the people can shape society.

The Knapptryckarna into the riksdag!

We all have opinions, likes and tastes, but via Knapptryckarna and our Tyck & Tryck you get the opportunity to express yourself. Via direct democracy, by the people, for the people!

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