What is Direct Democracy and how does it work?

Today’s system – Representative democracy

Today’s system is called “Representative Democracy”. Which means that you vote for a party that you then give a mandate to represent you when the Riksdag votes. This leads to them (MPs) choosing how your vote is used in votes and they can go against your will whether you like it or not. You have to wait until we have another election and then choose another party. As our elections usually take place every 4 years, the wait can be long before you can make an impact with your vote again.

Direct democracy

Knapptryckarna want to introduce Direct Democracy. It is a system that gives the people’s voice influence in important issues. This is done by citizens voting on substantive issues, the issues that the Riksdag usually votes on. So a system that gives citizens the continuous opportunity to participate and make decisions every day, not just every 4 years. Switzerland with its referendums is a model, but here we take it to 2.0.

Practically, it will happen in such a way that when a question is to be voted on in the Riksdag, the question is posted on the Knapptryckarna’s vote processor. As a private person, you access the Knapptrykarna vote processor, and vote for or against the issue, then the Knapptrykarna representatives sitting in the Riksdag vote in accordance with the people’s vote. In the long run, no representatives of the parties will be needed in the Riksdag, but matters of substance will be decided directly via a vote generator and then carried out by administrative staff.

Your vote becomes our vote in the Riksdag!

Knapptryckarna – a one-question party? No, not really.

Although Knapptryckarna can be perceived as a one-question party, it is not quite true. With direct democracy, we shape our issues based on the will of the entire people. Currently, we do not know what the people want, but Knapptryckarna are the ones who will represent the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. This means that Knapptrykarna will be responsible for the result YOU vote for in each issue.

Then make your voice heard through Knapptryckarna and vote! It is We, the people, who are the experts, not the 349 representatives in the Riksdag, where their competence is mainly measured in the ability to follow their party books. Together we create the world we want to live in and the future where our children will thank us for what we created for them.

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